Cold Brew: The Perfect Drink During Summer

Cold Brew: The Perfect Drink During Summer

Cold Brew Coffee has seen an increase in popularity over recent years, with specialty coffee shops and cafes leading the charge. There's many benefits of cold brew coffee, all of which can make for a great coffee alternative for these warmer months.

If you're new to cold brew coffee, or unsure if it's right for you, read on to learn more:

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew is a chilled alternative to coffee consumption, which involves using coarse coffee grounds and steeping them in cold water. This provides a cool & refreshing coffee option - perfect for these summer months. 

What Are The Benefits of Cold Brew?

  • Strong Flavour: Drinkers of cold brew will note a smoother, more concentrated flavour compared to milk-based coffee.
  • Lower Acidity: For those who can experience discomfort with acidity in hot coffee beverages, cold brew can be a more pleasant option.
  • Easy To Prepare: Preparing cold brew is a simple process, as no frothing of milk is required.
  • Cool & Refreshing: Particularly in summer, coffee drinkers may opt for this cooler, refreshing option for their morning coffee.

Is Cold Brew Growing in Popularity?

The rise of unique and alternative coffee options has seen coffee drinkers expand their coffee consumption - with alternative milks, flavours and brewing processes all increasing in use. Cold brew coffee is no exception, with more people opting for the refreshing, less bitter taste.

Combining this with a simple preparation method, cold brew is now an accessible & preferred coffee order for many people!

How To Make Cold Brew

All you need to make cold brew is coffee beans, a paper filter, cold water & a pitcher/mason jar.

  1. Coarsely grind your coffee: Grinding your coffee beans fresh is always the best option. However, purchasing pre-ground coffee will also work fine - just ask for your beans to be ground for cold brew. If you don’t have that option, then purchase beans ground for a plunger. We recommend using our Organic Coffee - a smooth, versatile coffee that makes great cold brew served both milk or black.

  2. Add ground coffee to water (room temperature or cold) in a jar or pitcher: The ratio of water to coffee is up to you. For a concentrated brew suitable for very milky coffees, a brew ratio of 160g per 1L of water will work well. For a less concentrated coffee, brew a ratio of 70g per 1L - which is suitable for serving black or a less milky brew. The volume of these ratios can be adjusted to suit the size of your brewing container.

  3. Brew in the fridge for 12-24 hours: The longer it’s refrigerated for, the stronger the coffee will taste. Then, separate the coffee grounds from the liquid with a filter. Metal filters are often preferred as it can take a lot of time using a paper filter. Coffee Pots such as the Hario Cold Brew Pot have a built-in filter, making filtering your cold brew even simpler!

Cold brew should be stored in a sealed container in your fridge and will stay fresh for about 7 days. Cold brew will keep for as long as 2 weeks, however at this point you’ll likely notice a change in taste.

To start your cold brew shopping journey, visit our online store for all your coffee bean & brew gear needs.

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