Working Better With Coffee!

Working Better With Coffee!

Coffee is a staple in many people's daily routines, and it's not just because of its delicious taste. For many people, coffee is a necessary pick-me-up that helps them stay focused, energised, and productive throughout the day. 

Because of this, it's no surprise that many businesses are providing coffee machines for their employees. 

Benefits of Coffee in the Workplace 

There are many benefits for providing coffee facilities for your employees: 

Improved productivity 

One of the main benefits of having a coffee machine in the workplace is the improvement in productivity that it can bring. 

An article from the Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Review Journey explains that caffeine can enhance performance across a wide variety of cognitive functions - improving vigilance, learning, and mood. 

Boost employee morale 

Providing coffee in the workplace can also have a positive impact on employee morale. Coffee is a social beverage that people enjoy sharing with others, and having a coffee machine in the workplace can help to create a sense of community and camaraderie among employees. 

Increase employee retention 

Providing coffee in the workplace can also help to increase employee retention. When employees are happy and satisfied with their job, they are more likely to stay with the business long-term. By providing coffee, businesses can create a more enjoyable and comfortable work environment that employees will want to be a part of. 

Additionally, a 2008 McKinsey & Company study showed that 61% of employees felt cared for by their employer when they provided hot beverages. 

Welcoming visitors 

Providing coffee amenities can be a thoughtful gesture when greeting guests into your workplace. Offering visitors a café quality cup of coffee is a wonderful way to extend a warm reception and make them feel welcome. 

Boost creativity and innovation 

Finally, providing coffee in the workplace can help to boost creativity and innovation. Coffee has been shown to enhance divergent thinking, which is the ability to come up with new and creative ideas. By providing coffee, businesses can help to create a work environment that is conducive to idea generation and innovation. 

What's Needed To Get Set Up 

So, you know your workplace needs a coffee set up… now what? What type of machine is best? How many beans do I need? The following is a rough guide to help: 


Deciding which coffee machine to use is likely the most important decision when it comes to the quality of the coffee. From machine types to the size of the machine required – there are many variables to factor in.  

Our friendly team are always happy to help you identify which machine is best for your office, contact us anytime! We have a large range of equipment on display at the Coffee Commune, which can be used to try before you buy! 

Traditional Machines 

Traditional coffee machines, also known as manual coffee machines, are appliances that brew coffee using a more hands-on approach. Users have control over every step of the brewing process, including grinding the beans, tamping the coffee grounds, and manually operating the machine to extract the espresso shot and texturing the milk. 

As such, there is a need to have people with coffee making experience in the office to prepare quality coffee beverages. 

A great option for small offices includes the Sunbeam Barista Max - an all in one Espresso Coffee Machine with an in-built burr grinder. This option will serve teams of up to 5 comfortably. 

Sunbeam Barista Max Espresso Coffee Machine

For larger offices, investing in a commercial machine is likely needed to meet the higher demand of coffee making all day. Machines such as the Bellezza, WEGA Pegaso, or WEGA Polaris TRON. These commercial machines also require a standalone grinder to prepare ground beans – such as Mazzer Major V Automatic, or Mazzer Mini Electronic. 

Fully Automatic Machines 

Automatic coffee machines are designed to simplify the coffee brewing process. They typically feature built-in grinders, programmable settings, and automatic brewing functions. With just a push of a button, people can enjoy a variety of coffee drinks without the need for manual grinding or operating the machine. 

Whilst they can be more expensive, an Automatic Machines will enable anyone in the workplace to prepare a cup of coffee – without the need for barista experience. 

For example, the Franke A400 is a compact commercial coffee machine that’s effortless to use with its touchscreen and customizable beverage menu. Alternatively, Eversy Cameo Core Machine, available from Tiger Coffee, aims to bring together the most advanced coffee machine technologies to create an incredible coffee experience. 


Coffee capsules, also known as coffee pods, are pre-packaged containers filled with pre-measured amounts of ground coffee. The coffee capsule is simply added to the machine, and a press of a button forces water through the capsule and extracts an espresso shot of coffee. 

The biggest benefit of using coffee capsules is the delivery of a convenient and consistent cup of coffee without the need for grinding or measuring coffee grounds. 

Coffee pod machines can be purchased at most electronic retailers, and are readily available to suit any budget and preferred features. At the Coffee Commune, our coffee capsules are NESPRESSO® Compatible and Eco-Friendly. 


The use of good milk is crucial in achieving high-quality coffee beverages. The milk plays a significant role in enhancing the taste, texture, and overall experience of each milk-based coffee. 

An example of a fantastic local milk company is Maleny Dairies – an award-winning, family-owned and operated business committed to sustainability for people, places and products. Located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Maleny Dairies consistently produce top-quality, delicious, natural and healthy dairy products. 


Australia is home to multiple exceptional coffee roasters, presenting a diverse range of roasted coffee choices. Our roasted coffee selection, The Private Coffee Collection, caters to every coffee enthusiast's preference - featuring light and dark roasts, single-origin and blends. 

Private Coffee Collection

The entire collection is available for purchase through a subscription service, with the delivery frequency & quantity always editable. This will ensure you always have coffee delivered straight to your workplace’s doorstep, without any ongoing work needed from you – simply SET and FORGET. 

Additionally, subscribing provides you with a 10% discount* – guaranteeing that you receive our superb coffee at a great price! Get started on our online store today! 


Already have a machine set up? A Private Collection Sample Pack is the perfect way to test our range & discover your favourite blends. 

*10% discount is not available for our Private Collection Sample Pack. 

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