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Intense Dark Roast with Chocolate & Caramel Notes for a Smooth Finish!

This dark roasted coffee will surprise you with its rich, full flavour yet smooth finish on the palate.  You will experience intense chocolate overtones, perfectly counterbalanced by heavy caramels. Developed to highlight the unique characteristics of the roasting process. This blend is ideal for milk based coffees lovers, while still appealing to black coffee drinkers who enjoy low acidity in their cup.


Well balanced with refined flavours

This well balanced blend is smooth with refined flavours, designed to please even the most discerning coffee enthusiasts. It features distinctive but subtle notes of toasted almonds and golden syrup.


Our darkest blend designed to cut through milk

If you love a coffee hit, then this is the blend for you.
Rich and strong, this is the darkest of our blends designed to cut through milk every time, while still delivering a subtle but a pleasing hazelnut finish.

This blend is for coffee connoisseurs who love darker roasts with low acidity. The spicy, mellow and nutty aroma is reflective of traditional blend styles.

Arnika Reserve

Complex mix of flavours to awaken the palate

This blend captures a complex mix of flavours that will awaken your palate. Highly aromatic, this beautifully layered coffee features dark chocolate, sweet caramel and a lingering spice profile when enjoyed with milk.

The intense flavour will leave you wanting more. As a black coffee, you'll love the heavy body, high sweetness and delicate acidity, with a strong, rich aftertaste.Complex mix of flavours to awaken the palate


Versatile blend enjoyed in both milk or black

A versatile blend that can be enjoyed either milk based or black. Being an Ethiopian based blend, its distinctive sweetness complements caramel notes through milk and highlights its subtle fruitiness through black coffee.

This blend was developed to highlight the unique flavor of Natural processed Ethiopian coffee.


Subtle spiciness with a syrupy aftertaste

For the adventurous among us, this blend has been crafted to provide something a little different. The roasting process has been expertly drawn out to maximize flavor and complexity, while not being roasted too dark so as to preserve the coffees natural sweetness.

The result in the cup is a mixture of heavy caramels and molasses when being enjoyed as a black coffee, or subtle spiciness with a syrupy aftertaste when experiencing it with milk.

Arlee Reserve

Reflective modern espresso with light citrus

If you're a coffee connoisseur, you'll love this blend.

Named after the Founder's son, Arlee Reserve is a light and sweet blend with a pleasing juicy acidity. Reflective of a more modern espresso, with a light citrus taste; but don't let that fool you, in milk it takes on toffee and caramel notes that shine through, thanks to the high sweetness of our specialty grade coffees used in this blend.

Organic Single Origin

Citrus sweet, perfect for black coffee

Discover the unique charm of our Organic Coffee, sourced from the verdant fields of Peru. This medium-light roast coffee, with a moderate intensity, blends the delicate flavors of caramel, almond, and citrus with a medium acidity to bring you a cup that's both vibrant and smooth. Perfect for those who appreciate sustainability without compromising on taste, our Organic Coffee offers a bright, nutty, and beautifully balanced taste experience, making every sip a testament to the quality and care of its organic origins.

Sugarcane Decaf

Full of flavour, sustainable and natural

Our decaf is a sugarcane processed decaf. This decaffeination process uses the natural occurring acetate extracted from sugarcane to remove caffeine from the bean, which ensures that every bag of decaf you buy has a full flavour, is sustainable and natural.

We guarantee that if you are sensitive to caffeine, then this is the coffee for you.

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