There are few things that connect us so closely, and so memorably, as coffee.

So many moments become treasured memories, stories and experiences shared with family and friends over a cup of coffee. Coffee has become the way we connect with people, a pick me up, or a reason to pause, relax and reflect. We create for ourselves a coffee moment.

We have created a range of coffee blends for you to enjoy ‘your moment’ at home or in your office. Our blends are unique and can only be purchased online or instore, so they are truly premium in quality and exclusive in nature.

We are humbled to know that every bean we roast becomes part of someone else’s greater story, and that we can help you create new memories, and experiences through the magic of a coffee moment.


Our coffee

We have developed seven signature coffee blends that make up our Private Coffee Collection for you to enjoy in your home or office. Each of our blends feature freshly roasted beans formulated by our team of experts in house, as well as single origin coffees that will change monthly.

The Private Coffee Collection also includes specialty coffee capsules, our great tasting coffee in the convenience of a pod, that are compatible with most machines.

This exclusive collection is only available for purchase online or at our café hub in Bowen Hills.