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Barista Tamper & Mat Set - Black | Rhino

Barista Tamper & Mat Set - Black | Rhino

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This Tamper & Mat Set features a Rhino Coffee Gear Bench Tamper Mat and a Rhino Coffee Gear Black Professional( 58mm base) Tamper.


The Rhino Coffee Gear Professional Tamper range has been designed with both the professional and home barista in mind. With the ergonomically designed anodised aluminum handle and professionally weighted 304 stainless steel base, they are comfortable to use and very durable.

- Ergonomically designed handle
- Professionally weighted
- Anodised 6061 aluminum handle
- 304 stainless steel base
- 500g (approx.)


The Rhino Bench Tamper Mat is made from thick and durable food grade silicone rubber and is the perfect accessory for any tamper.

- Mat Dimensions: 146mm x 206mm.
- Dishwasher safe