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Brewista Smart Scale II | 2KG

Brewista Smart Scale II | 2KG

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This reliable and affordable digital scale has been designed for all coffee weighing needs, including weighing espresso, weighing whole beans, and brewing pour-over.  

Professional and highly accurate. Easily portable for precision weighing, it is durable, easily calibrated, and retains accuracy over a long period. 

This superior digital precision scale is ultra-precise and a very handy device ensuring consistency in any aspect of brewing.

It features various modes:

  • Mode 1: Fully manual mode - User tares & starts timer manually.  
  • Mode 2: Espresso mode - Auto-tare and auto-timer with immediate timer start. 
  • Mode 3: Espresso mode - Auto-tare with manual-timer start.
  • Mode 4: Espresso mode - Auto-tare only, timer is not active.
  • Mode 5: Espresso mode - Auto-tare and auto-timer with timer starting when liquid hits cup.
  • Mode 6: Pour Over mode - Manual tare and timer functions.

The scale includes a silicone protective pad that protects the scale from moisture and scratching, as well as a backlit LCD display and rechargeable battery. There is also a large protective cover that can be used as a weighing try!

The Brewista Smart Scale II is perfect for dosing grind and coffee for both espresso and pour over brewing methods, and has a weighing capacity of up to 2kg.


  • Automatically times the brewing process, starting the timer as soon as liquid hits the glass.

  • Tares both time and weight once the cup or glass has been removed.

  • Nano-coating technology allows for rinsing straight under the faucet.

  • Weighing capability ranges from 1 gram up to 2 kilos.


    • Digital Scale
    • Instruction Manual