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Kaleido Sniper M1

Kaleido Sniper M1

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Roast Your Own Beans At Home!

The Kaleido Sniper M1 is a mini version of what we use in the commercial coffee roasting industry. Offering unparalleled adjustability through the touchscreen user interface, you'll be roasting like the pros in no time.

The carbon fibre infrared heating element offers instantaneous heat adjustment, able to accurately maintain set temperatures to within a couple of degrees. Drum speed and airflow are also easily adjustable throughout the roast cycle, allowing ultimate control no matter what size, varietal or density of bean that is in the drum. No other small batch roasting machines offer this level of roast customisation. You'll be pimping roast curves like a roastmaster.

The Dual system comes with a 7" touchscreen with Keliedo's own roasting software, attached to the roaster through USB. It also comes with the ability to connect to "Artisan" coffee roasting software on your tablet or PC using a Bluetooth connection. The roasting parameters can be controlled using either Artisan or Kaleido, and the roaster can also run automatic roast replay by loading previous roast curves. Perfect for recreating that awesome roast curve you just created for your delicious Colombian coffee beans.

The roaster has a built in chaff collection tray to prevent any mess that occurs as the coffee is roasting. Simply empty it into your waste bin between roasts. The cooling tray will effectively cool your beans within 2 1/2 minutes, just remember to give the cooling beans a stir every 30 seconds or so.

The M1 is capable of roasting a minimum of 50g and up to 200g of beans, from filter style and sample roasts, to espresso profiles well into 2nd crack.

Get your roast on! 

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